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Full Bucket Swing - Coated Chains

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Full Bucket Swing - Coated Chain
Injection molded polymer fully enclosed bucket seat for kids to have fun swinging while their parent, grandparent, or other caregiver push them again and higher! ok please hold on! This seat has a unique back rest and includes sturdy triangle support hardware that helps to stabilize the swing. 5-1/2ft lengths of 3/16" steel link chains with lower 30" plastisol coated. Seat secured to chains using 5/16" s-hooks. With carabiner style spring clips for easy install and take down. All steel zinc plated for durability. For up to 8ft high swing beams.
includes spring clips
Plastisol Coated Swing Chains - Larger image, specs.
Ready to install onto existing Swing Hangers.
8-1/2ft Swing Chain Upgrade available.
$79.50 full bucket swing coated
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Detailed Full Bucket Swings - Coated Chains - Wooden swing set kits plans & play accessories kids love.

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