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Custom Made Vinyl Playground Roof Tops

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Custom Fort Roof
Heavy-duty, marine-grade vinyl playground tops made to order!

marine grade vinyl playset tarps
Marine grade vinyl playground roof tops come with stainless steel snaps and studs that screw into wood for easy installation and removal. Brass grommets are also available in place of the snaps. Custom fort roof tops are made using heavyweight 15oz. material, they are easy to clean, and resist UV fading and mildew. HD double stitch seamed on all 4 sides.

Note: Custom fort roofs are not returnable for credit. An estimated 1-2 week production time is required to make custom orders prior to shipment. Please measure accurately before placing an order, we are not able to credit or replace custom fort roof tops that do not fit due to an error in the dimensions that were provided with order.

(1) Measure Width and Length dimensions for your fort roof. Width is the dimension of sides that will have the snaps or grommets. Length is the dimension of sides that will go over roof peak. If you do not have an old fort roof to measure, a string can be used to simulate the lie of the fort roof. Remove the string and measure it to determine Length.

(2) Order at right as follows:
• Enter the Quantity of solid and/or multi-color color fort roofs, select Color, Fasteners.
• Enter Total Width* of fort roof(s).
• Enter Total Length* of fort roof(s).
• Add Items, price will be auto calculated.

Snaps/Grommets: Snaps are the most common method used to fasten the fort roof to the fort structure. Grommets (round brass eyelet holes seamed into the material) may be used in place of snaps.
Widths: Due to vinyl roll widths, any Width greater than 59" will have a seam. This is not a concern for multi-color tops since they will have seams regardless of width.
* Total Width/Length - Multiple Qty:
If ordering more than 1 custom fort roof top, add the total width and total length of material needed to make the tops. Include dimensions and color(s) in the Comments field at checkout.
$59.00 and up
(Calculate Below)

Quantity - Solid Color
Quantity - Multi Color
Total Width* (inches)
Total Length* (inches)
Enter Quantity, Width, Length
Note: Before clicking Add Items, please confirm that (3) boxes above have numbers in them.
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