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  We take pride in the value that our playground products deliver. Here are a few of the great customer photos and comments that we have received. Download our free planning guide to help plan your backyard playground.   [ DETAILED PLANNING GUIDE ]
Download Jungle Fort playground planning guide.
  Customer Photos:
  Jungle Fort Campus + Swingset   Jungle Fort Tower + Swingset   Jungle Fort Campus + Tower + Swingset
  Jungle Fort + Gangplank Ramp   Jungle Fort Swingset   Jungle Fort Swingset + Monkey Bars  
  • "My husband and I just finished putting together the Jungle Fort Swingset today, and our son was able to have his first ride on his swing. Neither of us has any construction experience, and I will say that when we first received the detailed plans, we thought we had gotten in over our heads. Your directions were fantastic! When we stand back and look at it, we both keep saying, "We can't believe we built that!" We are looking forward to our son having lots of great times in his fort and on his swing set! Thanks for providing a fantastic product for a reasonable price." Jennifer R. - GA
  Jungle Fort Swingset + Mountain Climb   Jungle Fort Tower + Swingset   Jungle Fort  
  Jungle Fort Campus + Swingset + Tower + Rock Wall   Jungle Fort Swingset   Jungle Fort Tower + Monkey Bars
+ 2nd A-Frame 16ft Swingset
  • "This is the most awesome 'customer service' from an online retailer that I have ever experienced ! Your company and team should get an award or two!! I guess 'customer satisfaction' will be the next best thing, right? Anyway.......looking forward to receiving the hardware. We got the lumber, and will cut/sand it today. Hope to start building early this evening or tomorrow. Thanks again for all your help and information. You rock!" Nancy L. - IN
  A few words about photos, strength, longevity, and safety of backyard playsets:  
  When shopping swing set companies, be sure to apply the 'Grab and Shake' test to avoid lightweight wobbly playsets for the safety of your children. Photos on the internet and on big boxes at shopping clubs and toy stores may be given to the graphics department first, to make them look more appealing - beware! Every photo on our website is authentic, real playsets in real backyards. Due to these concerns, we are often asked about the weight limits for our structures and we have received photos of other company's playsets that were destroyed, shredded to pieces by Mother Nature. To help address these concerns, to show the design strength of the Jungle Fort and an actual, albeit extreme, 'shake test' result, we submit the photos below for review along with a customer comment:
"PS: I am attaching pictures of my fort when a 50ft pine tree fell on it in 2008. It held up the tree!" Nathan H. - GA
  Jungle Fort Tower + Gangplank Ramp   Jungle Fort - Hit by 50ft Pine Tree  

All of our swing sets and playground kit designs meet or exceed the residential playground safety standards set by the American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) and Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

All swing set kits & play accessories are modular. You can install now or add on at any time in the future. Click on the images above to find more information about our swing sets.

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