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1. Do your playground kits come with the lumber that we will need?
Our kits do not include lumber.  You will need to purchase the lumber at your local lumber store.  Our Detailed Plans include a convenient pull-out Lumber Purchase Form showing you exactly what quantity of each size lumber you will need to purchase, with individual lists included for each of your chosen Jungle Fort options (ladder, ramp, swingset, monkey bar, rock wall, etc).  You may also download this exact form from our website Information area to obtain lumber price quotes and availability before ordering.

2. What kind of lumber can we use?
We recommend building the Jungle Fort Swing Set using pressure treated Southern Pine (SYP) since it is strong, hard, decay resistant, and very cost effective.  Our Detailed Plans may be used with any strong outdoor lumber that is suitable for use in children's playgrounds and available in the standard dimensions.  We recommend using a non-CCA treated wood, such as ACQ Preserve, or Wolmanized Natural Select (see below for link to more details on lumber). Cedar and Redwood are common alternatives to SYP however neither are as strong as pine and both cost more. A combination of SYP for structural members and Trex/Cedar/Redwood for non-structural members like deck & wall planking is included in our Materials List, a nice upgrade to consider for added performance and aesthetic benefits.
Lumber Cost Selection Criteria** Comments:
SYP $ Economical, strongest, durable, avail in most locations. Least expensive, look for ACQ or other non-CCA treated Southern Yellow Pine (SYP)
SYP & Trex $$ Splinter-free inside Fort, Trex is less/no maintenance. Detailed recommends as 'upgrade'.
Cedar $$$ Natural preservative, attractive, strong, durable. Natural, nice look, get quote first.
Redwood $$$ Natural preserved, used in dry/arid climates, weakest. Some species too soft for 4x6 beams.
Douglas Fir $$ Costs less and stronger than Redwood. Used in some Western regions, treated.
** This table is provided as a lumber primer for broad comparative overview only. Detailed Play Systems makes no warrantee as to the: (a) overall accuracy of this information, (b) suitability of any specific lumber stock selection, (c) relative lumber costs, (d) lumber's actual performance over time. Contact your local lumber dealer for more information about the specific lumber stock that is available in your area.
For more information about lumber including links to research lumber on the Internet click here:

3. What do your kits include for the advertised price?
We provide everything that you will need to build the Jungle Fort Swingset except lumber. Slides are sold separately from our kits so customers can select the best option for their needs.

Included in the kits are the Detailed Plans, all hot-dipped galvanized hardware, solid- or multi-color marine grade vinyl roof tarp, and a well-equipped compliment of fun playground equipment accessories. (8) steel swing hangers, (2) belt swings/coated, (1) trapeze-rings/coated, (2) pair safety handgrips, (1) 15FT 5/8" nylon rope (for ramp/climbing)... are all included in the our advertised Jungle Fort Swingset kit configuration.

Bear in mind that final kit prices are not fixed at all... kit orders and pricing can be customized (lower or higher) to suit your needs and budget, by adding or removing items from the shopping cart prior to checkout.

4. What are our options for slides?
Our kits can be purchased with or without a slide so that our customers can choose whether UPS or more expensive motor freight truck service is required to deliver their order. All slides and larger items must ship via motor freight. For more information about motor freight shipping click here.

We offer the following slides for use with our 5ft deck height Jungle Fort: 10ft Wave, 10ft Combo, 10ft Scoop, and Spiral Slide. We offer the following slides for use with our 7ft deck height Jungle Fort Tower: 14ft Scoop, 14ft Combo, and Turbo Slide. For more information about slides click here.

5. Can we customize the accessories for our fort or swingset?
Yes, and right online too! Build-your-own kit 'from the ground up' by purchasing a Builder Kit to start off with and completely customize your accessories. Or start with a Jungle Fort or Jungle Fort Swing Set kit including the main swing/trapeze/handgrips accessories and then add or delete any item desired. The kit items that you do not order will be automatically deducted from the advertised kit price. Then, click Continue Shopping to use our comprehensive single-page Order Form to add on those items that you want included in your own custom kit configuration.

6. Can we add on to our playground as our children grow?
Yes! All of our playground kit configurations are modular, meaning that they are designed to go together in almost any combination and at any point in time. top with a Jungle Fort, and at any time, now or in the future, you can add on a Swing Set, Jungle Fort Tower, Monkey Bars, Rock Wall, Picnic Table, Tire Swing, and even a 2nd Jungle Fort!. The Jungle Fort is designed to grow with your children.

7. What are the dimensions and space requirements for the Jungle Fort Swingset?
The amount of space required depends on the site plan that you choose, we offer small spacing saving designs up to large playground combinations with 'the works'. The most common configuration is about 20L x 17W, which includes the 6x6 Fort, 12ft Swingset (4 positions), and the Inclined Step Ladder. The Gangplank Ramp and the Monkey Bars both add 8FT to the length, or 5FT to the width (swing radius overlaps), depending on Right or Rear side mounting. The Rock Wall adds 0-3 feet depending on angle. An additional clear area or 'use zone' of 6ft is recommended around the entire play structure. Comprehensive site plans (over 20+) are accessible by clicking here.

8. What are the skills and primary tools will we need to build our own swingset?
There are no advanced wood project skills required! Our Detailed Plans clearly illustrate Detailed Play Systems' own proprietary Build@Home process and assembly method thats so easy-to-follow, anyone with basic carpentry skills and tools can build a professional-quality play system. These basic carpentry skills are (1) measuring, (2) cutting straight lines, and (3) drilling holes. The primary tools you will need are a miter/circular saw, a drill with bits, and a socket set.

9. What about playground safety, where can I find more info?
Our Detailed Plans and Jungle Fort playground designs meet or exceed the residential playground safety standards set by the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) and Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). This is just one of our ongoing commitments to safety. Detailed has also consulted with PlaySafe, a team of independent safety experts, for a safety review of our Detailed Plans to help assure that your backyard playground will be as safe as possible.

For more information about playground safety, and to read Home Playground Safety Tips published by the CPSC, you can visit their website: Consumer Product Safety Commission

10. What is the height of the swing beam? The Fort's platform height/headroom clearance? How big is the Fort and Sandbox?
The height of the swingset beam is 8FT. The Jungle Fort platform height is 5FT tall to accomodate any 10FT slide normally designed for 5FT platforms. The Fort's headroom measurement is 6FT at the center, and it is 11FT from the ground to the peak of the Fort roof. The Fort is approximately 6FT x 6FT for a whopping 36 SQ FT of play area in the Fort and the full 8"-deep 4 seating position Sandbox. The Fort's platform stands 5ft high and can be made of wood-polymer lumber for a soft and smooth sitting surface. This is not a 'cookie-cutter' playset platform made mainly to transition the children onto a slide. The Jungle Fort can be accessorized to be quite the club house for your little ones to enjoy and grow up with.

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