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Below are 3 of our most popular imaginative play accessories offered at $215.00 - a 10% savings when all 3 are ordered at same time.
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Rope Ladder - 36"
Standard Size
•36" wide, (6) 1-3/8" hardwood dowels.
• (4) 1/2" marine-grade nylon ropes.
•14" rope above top rung.
• 30" below bottom rung.
• Approx. 8-1/2ft standard length ideal for use on 8ft high beams.
•Pelican hooks clasped at top, includes (4) eye screws for mounting, loose rope for tie off at bottom.

Ready to install.
Standard Size
rope ladders - 36
 Std Size
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Childrens Glider - Roped
A molded plastic back-to-back glider for two kids to swing and play together. 1/2" diameter polyester blend braided rope with 14" length of 3/16" steel link chains crimped at top for height adjustment. With carabiner style spring clips for easy install and take down. All steel zinc plated for durability. For 7-8ft high swing beams.
includes spring clips
Ready to install onto existing Swing Hangers.
Glider Support Bracket - use to mount glider to a single 4x6 swing beam.
$129.95 Playground Glider
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Disc Swing - 3/8" Rope
Kids will have fun swinging and spinning on this classic disc swing. 11-1/4" diameter hollow disc, molded from high density polyethylene. Includes 8ft length of 3/8" diameter white nylon rope. For up to 8ft high swing beams.
($0.10, with Rope Ladder and Glider)
disc swing
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